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Jul 18, 2012 4:30am EDT
at the mandarin oriental hotel in the district. he campaigned in san antonio texas, where he again attacked mitt romney's record. >> i do not -- i do not want pioneers of outsourcing in the white house. let's bring those jobs back home. >> later, president obama defended his record and focused on social issues well speaking at an event hosted by a gay and lesbian rights group. the democratic presidential nominee has not won texas since 1976. yesterday, mitt romney state in the north. he campaigned outside pittsburgh as he target the president's record on jobs and the economy. >> he has to recognize that his policies have failed to get america working again. my guess is that he wonders why that is. i have the answer for him -- liberal policies do not make good jobs. [applause] >> this afternoon, romney will hold a town hall in bowling green, obama. >> the number of foreign workers looking for work in america is on the rise. let's go to linda bell. >> hello. foreign-born engineers and scientists -- companies are now increasingly -- they are increasingly finding homes nationwide. a report by the br
Jul 17, 2012 4:30am EDT
, texas. this comes as the attacks intensified between the president and mitt romney over romney's time at bain capital. yesterday romney's swung back in a new ad attacking the president's record and commitment to the middle class. today romney will attend a rally in pennsylvania. first lady michelle obama will make two campaign appearances in virginia this week. this comes a week after her arrest and spent two days in the crucial swing state. president obama's campaign confirmed to appear in charlottesville and fredericksburg on friday. >> google + encroaching on facebook's territory. >> fed chair ben bernanke answers to congress today. here's linda bell with more. >> good morning. job growth is one of the key items that the fed chairman will likely be asked about today when he's scheduled to deliver his semi-annual report on the economy. last month the fed extended its operation twist program designed to lower long-term borrowing costs in an effort to boost our economy. tomorrow he speaks before the house financial services committee. wall street is keeping a close eye on quarterly ea
Jul 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
of actor helmsley. >> the 74-year-old was found yesterday at his home in el paso, texas. his career spanned 40 years, and been best known for his since.""projects well we're movin' on up to the east side to a delux apartment ♪ the sky >> from the first time the song in 1975, two things were true, but he would asays be known to the world georgia% and that on the day he an african- be known.ould he started on "all in the family." a middle- spinoff, familyfrican-american american family enjoyed over 11 seasons. not bad for a child raised by a mother who worked in a factory delivered mail while he was studying to be an actor. in his 74 years he moved up and us with him. i had a chance to meet him guy, very great personable, kills good to be around someone like that. 72 degrees right now. >> still ahead, behind-the- of "modern family," how the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. excuse us, while we change into something morcomfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. naupa 5:00 hour investigators looking into the lead
Jul 27, 2012 4:30am EDT
'll not believe how far some fans drove to check out the action. >> from texas. >> how far is that? >> 29 hours. >> i have done that drive before. that is not a short one. jummy olabanji will have a live report in our next hour. >> you didn't drive for football in tehran not for football. just for college. >>storms are sweeping across the nation, but the drought is worsening. >> starbucks investors may weigh week -- be waking up and smelling the coffee. >> good morning. not happy for the drought situation. the problem is apparently rapidly intensifying. more than 20% of the nation is now under the worst stages of drought then last week. the drought hunter said 90% of topsoil in six states is now short of moisture. this is sparking growing concerns about food prices p. facebook shares are under pressure after the first earnings report as a publicly traded company disappointed investors. they revealed a slowing sales gains and shrinking margins. also news from starbucks -- a disappointing profit forecast blaming consumer pullback, and especially in europe. amazon reported the biggest profit drop
Jul 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
. this family brought their grandchildren who visited from texas. not the best >> we lost power friday night around 10:30. >> they miss the air- conditioning. denied their power is back thrilled to be here. one issue is the heat. it never gets this hot in ohio from.this family is prius it is a little warm, but we are still having a great time. is ar many, this tradition. lisa alvarez has brought her was in asince she stroller. >> big comedown like shooting stars. they fall down on you and it's .orgeous come down like shooting stars. they did not disappoint this year. fact it was hotter the crowd arrived later than usual. by the time the fireworks went me, it seemed like the crowds were as big as they normally are. tom roussey reporting. >> now to business news. members of congress and other officials in the nation's given discounted by one of the lenders behind the subprime mortgage crisis. also, government leaders have enjoying the perks of free service as the u.s. postal bleede continues to billions. linda bell joins us live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. morning. >> good m
Jul 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
a couple of -- mitt romney's campaign has organized a couple of events today. texas gov. rick perry will also campaigned for romney for a first time in a public event in nevada. >> investigators are trying to find out more about a suspicious device found on board a delta jet. the airplane was found -- was bound for madrid and returned to j.k. last night as a precaution. it was evacuated and the bomb squad called in. there was strange wiring in the bathroom but no explosive device was found. cleaning solvent is blamed for another scare in the air. some crew members aboard southwest airlines jet that took off from north polk became ill yesterday. crewmembers were taken to the hospital for observation. hazmat determined the source of a problem. the passengers then headed to their destination chicago, on another jet. >> wells fargo shells out millions in a settlement with the justice department over racial discrimination. >> and the ceo of jpmorgan chase is back in the car seat this morning. -- back in the hot seat this morning. >> happy friday. jpmorgan chase is up with their second qu
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6